• How to disassemble the guide wheel?

    How to disassemble the guide wheel?

     1. Remove the track of the excavator first.Remove the single valve in the place where the grease is in the mouth, put the butter inside out, push the guide wheel in the bucket, and make the track looser. If the excavator used is 150 or less, remove the tr…

    2019-1-17 15:30:46
  • Four rounds of daily necessities

    Four rounds of daily necessities

     1, crawler      The track is mainly composed of a track shoe and a chain link, and the track plate is divided into a standard plate and an extension plate. Standard plates are used for earthwork conditions and extended plates are used for w…

    2019-1-17 15:30:15
  • Excavator's "six bans"

    Excavator's "six bans"

     I believe that everyone knows that excavators are the main machinery in engineering construction. It has the advantages of wide use, excellent functions, great excavation power, convenient handling, etc., and it plays a more important role in improving th…

    2019-1-17 15:29:56
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